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Category: Website Security

Don’t Get Confused With Data Link Escape In WordPress

If you are building WordPress plugins and themes, it’s crucial to prioritize security by properly escaping data. To achieve this, developers can utilize various functions or methods. This post will explain how to ensure that your code is correctly escaped. Embarking on a journey into the realm of web development within the WordPress ecosystem requires […]

10 Best WordPress Malware Scanner Plugins For Your Website Security

In today’s wеb-drivеn world, kееping your onlinе fortrеss sеcurе is as crucial as locking your front door. Imaginе having a guard dog for your WordPrеss sitе hеrе’s whеrе WordPress malware scanner plugins comе into play. Picturе thеm as digital watchdogs, tirеlеssly patrolling your virtual spacе for any snеaky thrеats that might lurk in thе shadows. Why is […]

Top 10 Essential Online Website Security Checks: A Comprehensive Guide for Robust Protection

Website security is crucial, as everyone knows, but how can one ensure that your defenses are sufficient? Every security check on this list can be utilised for this. The best part? All of them are provided for free. Securing your website is paramount in safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring a trustworthy online presence. To fortify […]